About Us

Learning Beyond Boundaries

I am Dr. Ravinder Kumar, a student by learning and teacher by profession who has been trying to make this journal of international repute in English language and Literature. My journey as an international educator started in 2006 when I taught at Omar Mukhtar University of Libya until 2011. After that, opportunities took worldwide- Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, and countries of the Middle East provided knowledge on teaching many different cultures and learning new languages. Visiting Harvard University in 2015 gave new momentum to my career.

The Alchemist Journal of Humanities started in 2013 and has been going strong for eight years now. Scholars from all over the world must know about it as they have experienced this periodical themselves, whether by reading or writing articles within its pages. Our editors faced an uphill battle with many unforeseen obstacles to our progress but we were able to overcome them thanks largely in part because of you, dear reader! We shifted domains due to some unavoidable circumstances which left us unable continue on ravinderravi.com . You can visit that site if interested at www.ajhjournal.com The scholarly articles are also a critical component of our International Journal since then- including reviews written not just by scholars who study art history like myself.