Journal Identification Data

ISSN online 2320-9216

Frequency of publication: Annual


Dr. Ravinder Kumar

Professor of English

Formerly: Assistant Professor of English ( Jazan University Saudi Arabia, Omar Mukhtar University Libya, Ministry of Man-Power Oman, College of Business & Social Sciences, Eretria North-East Africa )


Dr. Ritu Sharma, Dayal Singh College, India

Dr. Satyendra Kumar, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi

Dr. Neha Arora, Central University of Rajasthan, India


Dr. Ravinder Singh, Assistant Professor, Government of Haryana-India


Dr. Renu Sahota

Published annually, in the month of July-August, since 2013, Alchemist Journal of Humanities is a peer-reviewed academic journal whose main aim is to promote new scholarship, to facilitate the exchange of information related to the latest research findings in the fields of literatures in English, English language, as well as culture in Non-English- & English-speaking countries. A.J.H. has an international advisory board, made up of well-known specialists in these fields. Contributions are in English; many are selected from the papers presented at the annual, international conferences worldwide. However, the journal also welcomes other submissions.

Alchemist Journal of Humanities charges only 25 USD for per article submission and as processing fees. Alchemist Journal of Humanities publishes fully open access articles, which means that all articles are available to all Internet users, without restrictions, immediately after their online publication. Non-commercial use and distribution of the articles are permitted, provided that proper citation rules are followed.